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When Gaga woke up the next morning she felt her head spinning around. She was still laying on the floor and wondered why. 'What the fuck am I doing here?' Then she looked at the broken glass on the floor and remembered. 'Tara.' She held her head with her hands trying the pain to stop. She then decided to stand up to get some painkillers. She sat on the floor first, and a sudden wave of nausea hit her, but she didn’t throw up. Actually, she hadn’t eaten anything since the previous day. She looked around and saw all the mess. 'I gotta clean this before Starlight comes.' As soon as she had thought that, the door opened and an also hungover Starlight entered the house. However, she was feeling better than Gaga was. Starlight looked at the floor and saw glass everywhere, which made her worry.

'What the…' She then saw Gaga on the floor and ran to her, thinking something had happened to her. 'Gaga are you ok? Are you hurt?'

'No, no… I'm fine.'

'What happened?' Starlight looked at Gaga's now tearful eyes.

'Tara happened.' Gaga broke down crying and hugged her knees, her back bouncing from all the sobs. Starlight put an arm around the broken singer and pulled her closer.

'Come here, it's ok.' Starlight kissed her head and rubbed her arm. 'Love is hard, isn't it?'

'She fucking used me. She wanted to have fun, and when she was done and saw trouble left. That's what I am to everybody, a replaceable toy.'

'Hey look at me.' She held Gaga's chin between her fingers and made her look at her. 'Don't say that ever again.' She embraced her and Gaga laid her head on her best friend's chest.

'I need to leave this town. Let's go touring, I need to feel alive, Star. I need to forget her, but everything here reminds me of her. Please let's leave, please.'

'Don't take decisions now. Look, I'm going out to do some stuff and when I come back we can have a relaxed night just the both of us. We could watch a movie!'

'And Freddi?' Gaga sniffled her nose and wiped her last tears away.

'He met a guy the other day and wants to meet him today again.' Gaga nodded and finally stood up.

'Go out and do what you wanted to do. I'm gonna clean this mess. I'm sorry, Star.'

'Don't be sorry, silly.' Starlight stood up too and hugged Gaga tight. I'm gonna leave now. Will you be ok?'

'Yes.' Gaga smiled and kissed her friend goodbye. Starlight left and when Gaga was alone again her smile faded away. 'Starlight is right. I can't leave the town just because I am mad at her. I need to forget.' Gaga went to the kitchen and took a broom from the cupboard. She walked back to the living room and started cleaning, but her thoughts were killing her. 'I wonder what she's doing now. I bet she's fine having fun while I am here feeling like shit. Why did I go that night to the damned club? My life would be better now if I hadn't met her, she just… Ruined everything!' A silent sob brought Gaga back to reality, and realized that she was crying again. She knew she wasn’t right, Tara was the best thing that had happened to her in a long time, and it didn’t matter what she had done to her, she still loved her more than anything. 'I need to go out' She put the broom aside and grabbed her phone, texting Freddi.

Starlight looked at the hour as she walked down the street. 'I hope she's there.' Starlight couldn’t see her best friend in that state, so she decided to go to the club and talk to Tara. when she arrived she walked to the entrance, but a security guard stopped her.

'It's closed, you can't enter.'

'But I left my purse here last night.' Starlight lied. 'I really need to find it, it will just be a moment.' The guard thought about it for a second and he agreed.

'Fast.' Starlight entered the club to the big room. It looked smaller at nights with all the girls walking aroung, the music and the people dancing and making out. She turned around in case the guard was looking at her but he wasn't, so she started searching for Tara. She looked at all the rooms and remembered the one where Tara was the first night they went to the club, so she knocked on the door but no one answered. She did the same with the rest of the rooms but that floor was empty. She then saw stairs behind the stage where the girls danced at night and went upstairs, careful not to make any sound. She found another room there and did the same she had done with the rest of the doors. To her surprise, a little voice answered.

'What do you want?' Starlight recognized Tara's voice and sighed, relieved.

'It's me, Starlight.' Starlight whispered. Tara ran to the door and opened it, holding Starlight's arm and pulling her inside, closing the door afterwards. Tara hugged her and started uncontrollably crying.

'Thank you so much for coming, I thought it was my boss, he has had me stuck in here for days, what can I do, Star, hel-' She suddenly stopped talking and put her hand on her heart. Starlight saw what was happening and tried to calm her.

'Hey, hey, hey… Take a deep breath.' Starlight helped Tara lying down on the bed. 'Close your eyes and breath… Are you ok?'

'This usually happens to me, it goes away soon…'

'You should go to the doctor, it could be serious.' Tara opened her eyes and looked at Starlight, breaking down crying again.

'If only I could.'

'What do you mean?'

'My boss found out about Gaga and I and he took my phone away and ordered me to stay here. I am going crazy, Star…'

'So you didn't leave Gaga?'

'Of course not! I could never do that… She's mad at me, right? I fucked up, she hates me, doesn't she? Come on, tell me! She hates the crying mess that I am. She hates me just like everybody else does.' Tara curled up in a ball and cried herder. Starlight lied down next to Tara on the bed, putting an arm around her.

'Actually… Gaga is another crying mess. She doesn't hate you, she is just hurt because she thinks you left. We had no idea you were in this condition, I'm so sorry.'

'I need to see her.'

'She threatened with leaving town but I convinced her to stay. Look, you are coming with me. Let's get out of here.'

'I can't, Star. My boss is about to come, the show will start in a few hours. In fact, you should leave before he comes.'

'I will go home and tell Gaga you are here. We are gonna end this nghtmare. Stay strong, ok? Just a few more hours and you will be free, I promise.'

'Thank you Star.' Tara hugged her and let her go.

When Starlight left the room she went downstairs in a hurry and left the club. He told the guard that she had found her purse and ran down the streets. She grabbed her phone and phoned Gaga but she didn’t answer. She tried again but it seemed like if Gaga had something else to do and didn’t have time to pick up her phone. 'Oh fuck it.' Starlight put her phone away and after some minutes she arrived to Gaga’s apartment. She opened the door and called Gaga out, but she heard no reply. She started worrying as her mind started thinking about all the horrible things Gaga could have done, butΒ  she son found a note with Gaga’s hadwriting.

"Hello Star!

I know I promised you that we were going to have a movies-and-cuddle night, but I am feeling quite bad, not gonna lie, so I decided to go out with Freddi so I can forget at least for a night. I am leaving my phone at home, so don’t phone me! We will have our night another day, I promise <3

Love you,


"Seriously Stefani?’ Starlight said out loud. What she was going to do now? She sat on the sofa and prayed so Gaga would behave and somehow the mess that was going on would get better.

'Gagaaaaaaaaaa! Don't you wanna drink anything?' Freddi asked, moving his body as one of his favourite songs was playing. They were in a club full of drunk people and Gaga was trying to enjoy herself, but she couldn't stop thinking of the blonde.

'Yes, please.' The truth was that she didn't want to drink anything. She was feeling apathetic that night. Freddi handed her a glass full of a pink liquid and Gaga took a sip, putting a disgusted face right after. 'Freddi what is this shit? It tastes horrible!'

'Drink and have fun!' Gaga sighed and drank half of the drink. She then left her glass on the counter and held Freddi's arm.

'Where are we going?'

'Let's go somewhere else.' Gaga couldn't stand being with all those people having fun while she was feeling like shit. Instead of cheering her up they were making her even more sad. She needed to talk to Tara, even if she didn't want to. They were going to the club.

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