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After wandering up and down the street for thirty minutes trying to figure out where she was, Gaga decided that it was best to call a taxi that would take her home. She looked around and saw a group of yellow cars with the Taxi sign on them. Gaga sighed, she was happy that there was no need to walk home. She had no idea of what Gus had given her the night before, but she was feeling tired and dizzy. She put her sunglasses on because she was blinded by the morning sun and walked to one of the taxis. She got in the vehicle and told the adress to the driver, who started driving without saying a word. Gaga was afraid he may recognize her, but she was looking so different that not even monsters could recognize her.

Gaga started thinking about what she was going to tell Tara.What could she say? Nothing sounded believable to her. And it was going to be difficult to convince Tara that she was being honest, she always worried too much, she was just that caring. Tears came to Gaga’s eyes at the thought of Tara. she didn’t deserve someone as good as her, all that Gaga could do was disappoint her. All those thoughts accompanied her on her way home, but the car stopping made her forget about them for a while. She looked out of the window and saw that they had arrived to their destination. The driver told her the price of the ride and she opened her purse looking for bills to pay, but there wasn’t any money in her purse. Gaga frowned, she was sure that she had enough money to pay Gus and go back home… did Gus steal her money?

Tara was on the balcony of their room looking down at the street. She had been crying for more than two hours, her eyes were red and puffy, but she couldn’t care less. Gaga had lied to her, something was going on and she had no idea what it was, but it wasn’t good. What could have posibly made Gaga disappear for a whole night? Suddenly, Tara saw a car stopping in front of their place and she recognized Gaga’s shoes and clothes. She kicked the wall before running outside. She walked to the taxi and opened the back door, looking at Gaga. She was going to talk to her but she was faster.

'Do you have money? I… I need to pay for the ride.' Gaga felt horrible. Tara looked devastated and she knew she had been crying because of her.

'Here.' Tara handed her a bill and walked away. She couldn't believe that after all that had happened Gaga could only ask her for money. She felt like a joke. Gaga paid and got out of the car in a hurry. She ran and reached Tara, who was getting inside the elevator. Gaga got inside too, right before the doors closed. Gaga looked at Tara, she had her arms crossed and her eyes teary. Gaga didn't know what to say, she just wanted to cry and someone to hold her. She touched Tara's arm but she ignored her. Tara was almost crying too. The elevator doors opened and Tara walked to the door of their room. She opened it without saying a word and entered the place, waiting for Gaga to close the door behind her. Gaga followed Tara. She couldn't take it anymore, she needed her best friend.

'Tara… I… I am sorry.' Tara didn't move, what made Gaga fel worse. ' I am sorry.' She repeated, this time holding Tara's arm. Tara violently shook her arm to get rid of Gaga's hand and turned around, facing Gaga. The singer looked at Tara's eyes, she was crying.

'Oh, now you are sorry, aren't you? I phoned you a million times!'

'I know I should have called you back.'

'I was worried sick!' Tara yelled, scaring Gaga. She had never seen Tara so disappointed and angry. 'Don't you care?'

'I do care.' Gaga cried. 'More than you could possibly imagine. I am sorry.'

'Then explain. Why did you leave and disappear? Why are you lying to me? Why?'

'Let's sit down, I will explain.' Gaga held Tara's hand and guided her to the couch. They sat down and Gaga started thinking of an excuse. 'I went out with Gus and we were having so much fun… Time passed by really fast, it was late and I thought that it would be better if I stayed with him for the night.'

'Didn't you have time to phone me?'

'I… I lost my phone for a while… I…'

'Sure.' Tara stood up, tired of Gaga's lies, but Gaga held her arm once again, making her sit back down.

'I am not lying!' Gaga broke down crying. 'Please, Tara, I am saying the truth.' Tara looked at Gaga, at her empty eyes. She knew she wasn't saying the truth, but she decided that she should act like she trusted Gaga if she wanted her to tell her what was going on. She also felt really sorry for her friend, she couldn't be mad at her, seeing her cry was torture. Tara put her arms around Gaga and she felt her best friend's body fall on her, hugging her tighter than ever.

'I am sorry I overreacted.' Tara said, but she got no response. Gaga was sobbing and Tara rubbed her back. 'Shh, it's fine baby, ok?' She kissed her head. 'I love you.' Gaga was still crying and Tara got worried. 'Do you wanna talk about anything? I am here for you, always.' Gaga moved her head no so Tara just held her, praying that she could make Gaga's pain stop.

Gaga held Tara’s body and pressed it against hers. Tears wouldn’t stop coming out of her hazel eyes. She knew that Tara knew she was lying, but she still had acted like she believed her lies, just to make her happy. Gaga felt grateful, Tara was an angel, and she needed her, she wanted to be with her. That feeling wasn’t because of the drugs, she loved her, she really did. And it hurt because there was no way that Tara could love her back. She was too good for her, she deserved someone better. Gaga wasn’t able to take care of herself, how on earth was she gonna take care of a relationship with that precious woman? she was only going to hurt her. Gaga hugged Tara until she stopped crying.

'Let's have a relaxed day, ok? Just both of us.' Gaga nodded and gave Tara another quick hug.

Later that day, Gaga was in the kitchen cooking dinner. Tara was laying on the sofa and she had fallen asleep, so Gaga decided that she could surprise her best friend with one of her italian meals. It was the least she could do to say sorry. Plus, cooking would make her forget about drugs and Gus. She needed to see him again, but she was mad at him for stealing her money and pushing her out of his house. also, did he take advantage of her? All those thoughts were burdening her, so she decided to play some music to keep her mind busy. She started playing the first song from Cheek To Cheek and smiled. She was so excited about that album, tony had been nothing but a gentle man with her, he was a true friend. Gaga went back to her hobbyhorse in no time. 'I wonder what would he think of me if he knew about the drugs. I am sure that he would cancel the record. no one wants to work with such a mess of a person.' She tortured herself while cooking and by the time Tara woke up from her nap and entered the kitchen Gaga had her face soaked with her own tears. Gaga wiped them away and smiled at Tara.

'These fucking onions are worse than Titanic.' Gaga lied.

'What are you cooking? It smells so good.'

'Italian dinner. For us.'

'Aww, angel!' Tara hugged Gaga and kissed her cheek. ' I am sure that all those tears will be worthy if this sauce tastes as good as it smells, onion girl!' Gaga laughed.

'Will you help me setting the table? Dinner will be ready in no time!'

'Sure.' Tara walked away and helped Gaga.

After dinner they were too full to do anything, so they sat on the sofa to watch a film. They were tired of always watching the same ones, so turned the TV on and started watching a film that was on that night. They were both enjoying it until when, in the middle of the film, drugs took an important role in the film. Gaga started sweating under the blanket and changed positions a few times, but it was worthless. She could relate tothe film and it was killing her, she couldn’t bare looking at the screen. She sneakily looked at Tara, who was paying attention to what the character was saying. Gaga started breathing faster and cuddled Tara, slowly hiding her face on her ribs. Tara put her arm on Gaga’s back and started caressing it. Tara wondered why was Gaga acting that way. She barely stayed still and her breathing wasn’t constant. What was happening? It was just a movie, it wasn’t even scary.

Gaga was suffering under Tara’s arm. She couldn’t control her tears anymore. That film was like a realization of her life and it was hard to watch. She felt the need to run away, she felt the need to take that small baggie from her purse. A tear scaped her eye. She couldn’t do that, Tara was there, it was too risky. 'Put yourself together, it's just a film. I am not the character, I am not that bad…Am I?' Gaga gasped, which caught Tara’s attention.

'Baby are you ok? Are you scared?' Tara held Gaga's face softly and made her look at her.

'No! No…' Tara noticed the mark that a tear had left on Gaga's cheek, but she said nothing.

'Do you want me to stop the film?'

'No, don't wory. I am fine.' Tara looked at Gaga for a second before looking back at the screen, but she couldn't pay attention to the movie anymore. 'What is she hiding from me? This is just a normal film and she looks really scared, like if it hurts to watch… Maybe she isn't even paying attention to the film, who knows?' Tara caressed Gaga’s hair, playing with her ends. 'whatever it is, please tell me. Please…' 

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“Gaga? What happened with you and Taylor?” Tara asked after not receiving a response the first time. Gaga snapped out of her thoughts and looked at Tara with an almost pained expression on her face while tears rolled down her cheeks. “He… He screamed at me and, and told me I was a bitch and…


Tomorrow we will post the second chapter of Dope Needs Me More Than You Do! Things start getting hard… And we will have a little more Taga! I hope you liked the first chapter. Love you!


‘Stef I have had enough.’ Taylor was in front of Gaga, looking at her with the saddest and most dissapointed look that Gaga had  ever seen on his face.. He was holding a little bag of white powder in his hand that he had found in their room. Gaga didn’t know what to say, she was in shock. In fact, she never thought that Taylor could find that bag, she had carefully hid it between her stuff, she was really cautious about her secret, she didn’t want anybody to find out because they would get angry and try to stop her, and that’s exactly what happened. If he knew… ‘For how long has this been going on? Why didn’t you tell me? I could have helped you!’ Gaga looked away, she truly didn’t know what to say. ‘Are you going to say anything? Explain? Why are you doing this to yourself? You have been here before, you know how much this hurts!’ He was starting to get angry due to his disappointment and Gaga’s reluctance to talk. ‘Why are you doing this?’ He raised his voice a little bit.

'Why do you care?' Gaga whispered. Taylor's eyes widened.

'Are you serious? I am your boyfriend!' Taylor threw the little bag at her, and it fell to the floor.

'Fuck!' Gaga kneeled down when she saw all the powder on her feet, and she desperately tried to put it inside the bag again. Taylor rolled back his eyes.

'I can't believe this…' Gaga looked at him, frowning.

'Do you know what can't I believe? That you spied me! You looked through my stuff because you don't trust me. You just want to control me! I am tired of your shit!' Gaga stood up and grabbed a book from the shelf that was next to her, trowing it across the room in anger. 'You have no right to touch my stuff. No right!' Taylor looked at the now broken book and then at Gaga. What was happening? He couldn't even recognize his own girlfriend. The sweet girl he fell in love with, the fighter.

'I  don't need this.' Gaga coldly laughed.

'Of course you don't. Why would Mr. Perfect want to be with this fucked up girl who obviously can't take care of herself? I am a handicap for you, we both know this. Go away with your Hollywood girls, I don't need you! Leave! Fuck off, I am done with you!' Gaga screamed at the top of her lungs. She felt her eyes go teary due to the stressful situation but she didn't cry. Not in front of him. Taylor took his coat from the clotheshanger and opened the door, looking at Gaga one last time before leaving.

'That shit is going to destroy you and you know it.'

It was dark outside and Gaga was still sitting on the floor of the living room, surrounded by white powder and with her fight with Taylor stuck inside her head. She grabbed her hair and kicked the floor trying her thoughts to go away. She had been crying for hours and her eyes were red and puffy. Her mind was constantly whispering her things and making her feel guilty of what had happened. she couldn’t take it anymore, the pressure was too big and she was going crazy, she needed those thoughts to stop. She looked down and saw the white powder between her salty tears. She knew that doing some lines was the only way, like it walways had been. She remembered her teen days in the darkness of her room, how her only friend were the drugs that her dealer sold her. She managed to stop taking them for some years, but then it all started again. She was sick, her hip was killing her and she could do nothing because of the wheelchair. All the free time that she had made her read the papers, read all the horrible things the paparazi were saying about her. As if it wasn’t enough, her relationship with the record label was breaking, same with all the people that she had considered friends. One day she took her phone and after hesitating for a while, she did it. She phoned her drug dealer once again. When ARTPOP came out things got slightly better, but she couldn’t stop taking drugs, it was too much to risk. Until that day she had managed to keep it as a secret and make up excuses if she looked too tired or dizzy, but now her secret was out.

She looked at the book on the floor and grabbed it. ‘Letters To A Young Poet’. A tear ran down Gaga’s cheek as she opened the book, it was her favourite. She read one of the pages out loud.

'Love your solitude and try to sing out with the pain it causes you.' Her voice cracked and she read another random page. 'Why do you want to shut out of your life any uneasiness, any misery, any depression, since after all you don't know what works this conditions are doing inside of you?' There was something else written on the page but she wasn't able to read it due to the tears. She was hopeless and there was no other way to feel better. She needed to get high. she ripped a page out and made a small tube with it. She lowered herself and placed the tube on her nose, sniffling right after. She repeated the action until there was no powder left. Gaga hid the bag and the tube under the carpet and lied down on the floor. Her nose was itchy but at least she didn't want to cry anymore. She was cold and needed someone, so she grabbed her phone and went through her recent contacts.

'I need you. - Gaga' She sent the message but soon realized that she had sent it to the wrong person.

Tara was in her hotel room reading a magazine. She needed to plan new make-up styles for the following days so she stayed up until late, but it was time to go to bed. Her phone suddenly beeped and Tara read the message she had jsut received. ‘I need you.’ Tara frowned. What was Gaga doing? It was late. And why did she need her? She had Taylor, he was going to spend a couple of days with her. She was worried so she decided that the best thing to do was to visit Gaga.

'Oh fuck! Not Tara!' Gaga sighed. Tara was her best friend, she cared about her and Gaga was sure that she was going to check on her. She couldn't let her see her in that state, she couldn't allow more people to know her secret. There was nothing she could do, so she typed 'I need you. - Gaga' again, this time sending it to the right person. She soon got an answer.

'How much do you need?'

'A few bags. But I need YOU. - Gaga'

'We can't meet right now. I have other things to do. I will have your stuff tomorrow night.'

Gaga closed her eyes. Her drug dealer was fast with his orders and she really appreciated that. He had a crush on her and she thought he was hot, but she couldn’t cheat on Taylor. Now that she was free she could try to be with him. She suddenly heard a knock on the door and Tara’s sweet voice behind it.

'Come in.' Gaga sat down and Tara entered the place. She saw Gaga on the floor and walked to her, kneeling down next to her. She looked at her tired eyes and her smeared make-up.

'Sweetie what happened?' Tara embraced Gaga and she put her arms around Tara, hiding her face on her hair, which made her start crying again. Tara had always been there for her no matter what, she was truly grateful to have her in her life. 'Hey babe, don't cry, tell me everything. It will be ok.' Tara rubbed Gaga's back. 'Where is Taylor?'

'He…He left me.'

'Ohh honey…' Tara hugged her tighter. 'I am staying with you tonight, let's go to bed.' Tara helped Gaga standing up and held her waist tight because she almost fell down twice. They walked to bed and got inside it, not even bothering to remove their clothes. Tara wiped Gaga's tears away and pulled her close, kissing her cheek. 'What happened? why did he leave?' Gaga didn't say anything. She couldn't tell Tara the truth, she would get mad and leave like Taylor did. She cried and tried to think of a good excuse, but the only thing running through her mind was 'Dope needs me more than you do'.

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I feel te story will be about gaga doing drugs but tara wants her to stop cause she wants her but she won't stop

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