Is tara still gaga's makeup artist?

Yes! Why wouldn’t she?

Link for you wattpad profileπŸ™πŸ™
Please don't use whatpad or whatever it's called just post here

I will post the same thing on wattpad and here

Please use wattpad, it's easer for us to read you fics because when you post something we get a notification πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸ™ and if you do, please post the link of your profile

I may use it from now on then :) But I will post here too, I mean, I will post here and there. I just love tumblr, it gives me great memories <3

do you have a wattpad

I do, but I don’t use it. I started posting two of my fics there but stopped haha

You are such a tease like let love down is so amazing and you didn't even give it as ending

OK YOU MADE ME FEEL LIKE A BAD PERSON HAHA I will think of something and finish the fic, but this time FOR REAL ;)

No how is let love down over we don't know what happens

hahaahah you guys always do the same. I write one chapter fics and you want more hahaaha I like open endings, you decide what happens!Β 

Love your new fic! There is barely any taga writers now

Thank you! I know, this makes me saaaad :(

When is prt 3 coming if ur new fic

What new fic? The Dope one is coming soon and the Let Love Down one is over! :) Feel free to send me prompts

Your fanfictions are making me cry, you're such a good writer xo

Aww don’t cry baby! Thank you so much, means a lot ^^