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The club was full of people that night. The queue at the door was massive, but Gaga and Freddie didn’t have to wait. The guard recognized Gaga and they were able to instantly enter the club. “Perks of being famous.” As soon as they got in, a bunch of girls walked to Gaga, offering her drinks, a seat and their services. Gaga looked around trying to see Tara, but it was impossible to see anything with those girls in the middle. Freddie held Gaga’s arm and swept her along with him to one of the couches next to the counter.
‘Wow Gaga, it looked like if they were trying to catch your attention really badly.’
‘Yeah, so oppresing.’
‘I don’t blame them. I would too, if I weren’t gay.’ Gaga laughed and hit Freddie’s arm. To be honest, she wanted attention, but just from one of those girls. The one who unfortunately wasn’t there waiting for her. Tara. Freddie handed Gaga a drink and she accepted it, even though she didn’t want to drink anything, she was too nervous to let any liquid enter her body. With every minute that passed by Gaga’s hope slowly decreased. She wanted to see Tara, but what if she wasn’t there? What if something had happened to her?

Suddenly Tara appeared. She walked down the same stairs Starlight had walked up hours before. Gaga couldn’t stop looking at Tara, just like everybody else. But unlike them, Gaga wasn’t looking at her dazzling beauty, or the pink bra that she was wearing along with a black skirt that barely covered her butt. Gaga looked at her painted face, at all the sadness behind the shadows.
‘She looks like shit.’
‘What?’ Gaga was so absorbed by her girlfriend she didn’t realize she was talking out loud.
‘Humm.. nothing.’ Gaga took a sip off her drink and blinked a couple of times so the tears that were forming on her eyes would go away. She felt guilty for thinking that Tara had left her. She clearly wasn’t ok and she felt guilty for it. Tara looked around and that was the emptiest look Gaga had ever seen. It looked like if she wasn’t there, like if she was just a body. She looked high, dead. Gaga had to control herself when a man put his arm around Tara and pulled her close for a kiss. Gaga saw how he stole her a kiss, how he touched the lips that were hers, only hers. Gaga wanted to stand up and get her out of that horrible place, but it was too late. Tara smiled at that man, a numb smile that fooled him, just like it fooled everyone else. She took him to a room and closed the door behind her, looking at Gaga right before.

The man gently pushed Tara against the wall and started kissing her neck. Tara touched her forehead. ‘Was that Gaga out there? No, it’s impossible…’ Tara’s head was spinning. She had taken a few pills hours before and their effect was still hitting. They were short length pills, just to make her spend the night without the suicidal thoughts that the stupid club gave her every day. The effects were supposed to be slowly fading, but Tara wasn’t used to drugs so she felt dizzy. ‘Shit.’ She saw the man’s hands on her breasts and how he was squeezing them, but she couldn’t feel anything. She felt light-headed, like if her body wasn’t hers. She closed her eyes and tried not to think about anything. She was a doll in that man’s hands. She soon felt like falling but something fluffy stopped her. She opened her eyes for a second and saw that she was laying on the bed. She saw the man undressing himself so she started doing the same thing, not really concious of her actions.

Gaga looked at the door that Tara had closed. She couldn’t believe it. She looked at her and didn’t care she was there. ‘I came for her and she saw me. She even smiled. What a bitch!’ Gaga’s previous sadness mixed with the anger she was feeling in that moment. she felt vulnerable and unimportant. ‘She doesn’t care about you. Get over it Stefani. Get the fuck over it.’ She felt tears coming to her eyes again and stood up to go to the bathroom. She couldn’t let anybody see her cry. Luckily, the ladies bathroom was empty. She looked at herself in the mirror and couldn’t help it anymore. She broke down crying. ‘Put yourself together, stop crying. Stop!’ But it was useless. Tears wouldn’t stop falling, but when they finally stopped she wiped her eyes away and cleaned her face. Having no make-up was better than having a messy face. She took her sunglasses and put them on. She left the bathroom and walked back to her couch.
‘Are you ok? I was about to go in there!’
‘Yeah yeah, I’m fine. I needed to get away from the people for some minutes, you know.’
‘For twenty minutes?’ Freddi looked at Gaga.
‘Do I really need to tell you what I do in the toilet Frederic?’
‘I was just kidding, silly.’ He hugged her and Gaga took a deep breath. ‘I was worried, that’s all.’

The man left the room when he was done, leaving Tara alone in the dark. She put back her clothes and re-did her make-up, but there was no way she could hide the sadness. She started thinking about Gaga again and left the room to see if it was true that she was there or her mind had decided to make it up. The light of the club hit her and she closed her eyes for a second. When she was able to see she looked at the sofas until she saw her. Gaga. ‘She’s here. She’s here!’ She almost started crying of happiness. Starlight was right. She didn’t want to walk in front of everybody, so she found another way to reach Gaga’s couch from behind.

Gaga looked around looking for something to catch her attention so she would stop thinking about the blonde for a while. She looked at the people there, having fun, but her eyes stopped on a man that looked familiar. It was the man that was with Tara an hour before. Gaga’s eyes widened. That meant that Tara was free and that she didn’t go to say hi. Freddie touched her thigh.
‘Are you looking for that blondie again, huh?’
‘I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.’
‘Oh come on! Are you sure you are not getting attached to that blonde girl?’ Gaga was so angry at the obviousness that she replied with the biggest lie.
‘She is just a whore.’

Tara stopped. She is just a whore. She is just a whore. She couldn’t stop thinking about what Gaga had just said. She felt stupid standing there. She didn’t even care about the tears that were streaming down her cheeks. What she had heard wasn’t because of the drugs. Gaga said it. She was just a whore for her. The only person she cared about didn’t even love her. It was a lie. It had always been a lie. She run back to the room, not knowing what to do next.

Gaga instantly felt sorry for what she had said. She couldn’t stop thinking about that. Her tongue hurt because she had been bitting it since then. How could she have been so mean? She looked at the room Tara had been and to her surprise, she saw Tara running and locking herself in it. Gaga frowned. ‘Does she think I didn’t see her running away from me? I have had enough.’ Gaga stood up again and told Freddi where she was going. She firmly walked to the room. She wanted to end up the battle she was having with Tara. They weren’t kids. She knocked and entered without waiting for an answer. Tara looked at her surprised, and Gaga’s heart broke. Tara had obviously been crying. Tara walked to her, not knowing what to say. She was feeling too broken to say anything she wouldn’t regret. Gaga spoke first.

'Why are you running away from me?' Her cold tone surprised her.
‘Excuse me?’
‘You have been avoiding me since we came back from our holidays.’
‘I haven’t be-‘
‘Oh come on. Stop the bullshit. What am I to you Tara? A pastime?’
‘My boss found out about us and he took my phone away. He made me stay in the club, I couldn’t go out, he went to my house to take my stuff. I haven’t seen the sky in who knows how much time.’
‘Let me finish.’ Tara was getting angry. ‘In all this time all I have been thinking about is you. You Stefani. Only you.’ A sob stopped her from talking.
‘I… Am sorry. I didn’t know that, I…’
‘Of course you didn’t.’ Tara let out a cold laugh. ‘I am just a whore for you, right?’ Gaga took her glasses off to reveal her also teary eyes. She heard what she had said.
‘No, Tara… shit. Listen.’
‘Are you gonna tell me that it didn’t mean what it was supposed to mean?’ She was screaming but she couldn’t care less. ‘Stop it. I am done with your lies. You may fool all of your followers, but you are just like everybody else. You just wanted to fuck me. You don’t even care about me. Well, congratulations, you got what you wanted. I really hope you liked it.’ Gaga was crying too. There was no way she could explain herself.
‘Tara… Please listen.’ Gaga said between sobs. Tara walked closer to her.
‘Forget me. Don’t try to find me. Pretend I don’t exist. I bet it’s not hard. Get out.’
‘Please…’ Gaga tried to hold Tara’s arm but she stopped her.
‘I said get out! Goodbye!’ Tara pushed her and Gaga almost fell down, what made her cry harder. Gaga knew she had nothing to do there. Not anymore, so she left.

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